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Q: Who can post here?

A: Anyone sane and wanting to talk about economic issues such as the above. Contact us if you are interested in writing articles. We don't care about your credentials, but your words and statistics must have quality and be accurate.


Q: What are the rules?

A: Be good to each other and respectful. Use your calculator and spreadsheet when in doubt.


Q: Is There a Limit on Number of Posts?

A: Authors, don't be a Blog Hog. Comments should be food for thought and discussion. Comments go out to twitter and have their own separate RSS feeds. User accounts have features so you can follow your comments and see who has replied. Comments on The Economic Populist are more like mini-blogs and have media features accordingly. All posts must meet quality standards. Author accounts are by request.


Q: How come my comment didn't show up?

A: To use the many features of the site you must register. We allow anonymous comments but they go into an approval queue and most features are disabled for anonymous comments. The administrators will review them when time allows. If you want to use this site without moderation, write full comments with graphs, charts, math, bypass security features that ensure you are a real, sane, thinking human: Create an Account.


Q: How do I use the site?

A: After creating an account, look in the User Guide and there is additional information in the Admin Forum.


Q: What are the privacy rules?

A: We adhere to the principles of the blogosphere: no outing of anyone's real identity, no selling of their information or email addresses, no tracking statistics or profiling. We do have 3rd party advertising. Click here to read our privacy policy.


Q: Do You Accept Advertising?

A: Yes we do. Please use the contact form for further information. We do not accept inline ad texts or links of any kind in articles. People need to trust articles are straight information, not front loaded with ads. We also do not accept article submissions that are glorified ads, either paid or unpaid. Additionally, we will check to see what wares you are peddling. We will not advertise predatory loans, such as payday loans, debt consolidation predatory loans, or other advertising we deem is simply feeding off the desperate and the poor. If someone sees ads like that on this site, please let us know about it so we can ban that advertiser from this site.


Q: How do we quote or cite you?

A: The easiest way to quote us is to use our site title, The Economic Populist, and please link to the article in question. If more information is needed, please use the contact form and we'll get back to you.


Q: Can we publish your articles on our site?

A: Please ask permission to cross post our articles. We spend a lot of time number crunching and researching our posts. It's best to publish at maximum a summary and then credit the piece to The Economic Populist, along with a link. Seriously, don't steal our stuff.


Q: Who is Robert Oak?

A: A Nom de plume. A thinking person like yourself who became fed up with corporate written and special interest driven trade, labor and economic policy and analysis. Many spin with numbers including the financial press. Robert Oak analyzes by first principles and puts accuracy and objectivity first. The numbers don't lie but people lie with numbers all the time.


Q: Does it cost?

A: Nope. But if you want to send money by all means do!